The highest dynamic loads, non-stop operation, corrosive environmental conditions or extreme contamination are a great challenge for hydraulic systems in underground and surface mining. Reliable operation is one of the most important requirements here.

VOSS Fluid supplies a number of robust systems that always guarantee safe system operation with a tube outside diameter of 6 mm to 114.3 mm. Even in the most cramped installation spaces, the optimized component geometry of VOSS 24° tube connections offers many advantages. The coupling system with soft-seal taper coupling (DKO-system) in particular enables leak-proof installation with short tightening distances and additional over-tightening protection. 


  • VOSS ZAKO flange line for tubes with an outside diameter of up to 114.3 mm.
  • Pre-assembled components and ready-to-install lines, installation-space optimized and leak-proof
  • VOSSFlareORFS 90° flare system with high article diversity
  • VOSS coat corrosion-resistant surface technology for application with high humidity, spray water or saline mine waters
  • VOSS non-return valve with flow through optimization, minimized wear and additional soft seal on valve tappet
  • Corrosion-resistant and high-pressure cleaner tested measuring couplings with additional soft seal element for coupling during system operation.
  • VOSSFormSQR tube forming system and BV-10 flared system with highest resistance against dynamic reversed bending loads and pressure surges.
  • VOSS DKO – taper couplings for reliable connection in the narrowest installation spaces, under the most difficult assembly conditions


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Brochure ZAKO 


Brochure ready-to-install hydraulic lines

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Brochure ES-4 / ES-4 VA


Brochure VOSS Form SQR / VOSS Form SQR VA

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Brochure VOSS Ring M