Various reputable manufacturers from the automobile industry are amongst VOSS Fluid's valued customers. 

In addition to functionality and reliability, they also value the highest assembly and process reliability of VOSS Fluid products. The cutting ring system and coupling components with DKO connection, as well as the Type 90 pre-assembly device with automatic tool monitoring ensure effective over-tightening protection and a hydraulic system with long-lasting leak-proofing. 

Since road salt, rain water and UV radiation in particular have a considerable effect on the corrosion-resistance of hydraulic couplings and the entire line run, our products are effectively protected against corrosion.

In addition to VOSS coat corrosion-protection with a zinc-nickel base, VOSS cutting ring systems and the VOSS Form SQR tube forming system can be combined with the organically coated hydraulic tube Zistaplex®

This guarantees the highest level of leak proofing and maximum corrosion-protection of all components and the entire tube connection system. 

Especially in applications in the areas of WHR (heat recovery), CNG or hydrogen fuel cells, the VOSS Lok 40 tube forming system has proven its high leak proofing.

Thanks to high levels of expertise in the production of ready-to-install lines, we can execute a multitude of customer-specific requests. In addition to classic tube coupling systems, VOSS also offers quality solutions made from various materials, such as copper, aluminum, steel or stainless steel tubes. Tube forming or solder connections, as well as the provision of complete pre-assembled components - for instance tube-hose combinations - are part of the service spectrum.


  • VOSS coupling solutions and accessories with high process reliability and user-friendliness 
  • Corrosion-resistant and abrasion-proof VOSS coat surface technology, for use with rockfall, road salt, UV radiation, rain and spray water
  • Tested leak-protection and highest corrosion-protection thanks to the combination of the VOSS cutting ring connection with Zistaplex® coated steel tubes
  • Broad product range of individually produced, ready-to-install lines
  • VOSS full-service Kanban supply concept with highest availability
  • VOSSLok40 coupling system - suitable for applications such as WHR, CNG, and hydrogen 



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