Ready-to-install hydraulic lines

As a premium manufacturer of hydraulic line systems, we don't make compromises when it comes to quality and functionality. Our high standards for individual components are also applied in the production of individually manufactured, pre-assembled hydraulic lines. We supply high-grade special solutions from a single source, and our customers profit from maximum cost-efficiency and process reliability with perfectly calibrated hydraulic components.

Our services

We produce custom pre-finished hydraulic lines that meet the highest standards - from individual manufacture to series production. We can manufacture according to specific customer specifications as well as providing design and consulting for the best possible custom solution. In addition to our expertise in tube bending, we also specialize in shaping tube ends. The connection of all VOSS coupling systems is just as possible as solder and weld connections or customer-specific tube forming. Our extensive program is available worldwide - featuring consistently high quality, highest supply capability and all the economic benefits of the final product.

  • Das Bild zeigt einen gelben Bagger mit einbaufertigen Hydraulikleitungen von VOSS Fluid
  • Das Bild zeigt eine einbaufertige hydraulische Baugruppe von VOSS Fluid

Formed tubes

  • Hydraulic tubes – steel; blank, galvanized or with organic protective coating (Zistaplex®)
  • Hydraulic tubes in steel, stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminum
  • Wide range of tubes – thick and thin-walled
  • Projectile cleaning
  • Standard capping of tube ends
  • Upon request, with 100% inspection of tube geometry and tightness

Pre-assembled hose lines

  • Extensive hose assortment from reputable manufacturers
  • Hose preparation incl. projectile cleaning
  • Assembly of hose fittings and other connection components
  • Pressure test
  • Standard capping of hose ends

Connection systems

  • VOSS connection systems with 24°, 60°or 90°
  • Cutting ring systems in steel or stainless steel
  • Flare and forming systems
  • Customized connection systems
  • Soldering and welding adapter


Our extended offer is practically complimented with sophisticated full service and many individual modules. Among other things, these ensure high availability, while at the same time reducing storage costs and ensuring optimized individual processes within the value creation chain.

  • Pre-sorted assembly kits - with custom package units
  • Assembly-ready modules, right up to your assembly line
  • Component marking with custom information
  • Supply systems that follow the proven VOSS Kanban principle

VOSS Fluid - Unique ideas!

Do you require custom manufactured, pre-finished line systems with perfectly calibrated hydraulic components and customized logistics service? Discover the comprehensive services and advantages of VOSS Fluid here – step by step.

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