Agriculture and Forestry

Dirt, rain and frost continuously afflict agricultural and forestry machinery and require special corrosion-resistance. In addition, the hydraulic connections are also challenged by strong, dynamic loads and vibrations. 

VOSS products offer maximum leak-protection and guarantee the highest functionality - even under strong loads. Reliable operation despite the impacts of dust and dirt, plus increased corrosion-resistance from weather effects or aggressive media, such as liquid fertilizer, is guaranteed by our unique VOSS coat corrosion-protection. 

VOSS pre-assembly devices are designed for maximum process reliability and are perfectly coordinated with our high-grade tube coupling components. This enables easy assembly as well as repeat installation of our system components. 

In addition, we supply ready-to-install hydraulic lines and pre-assembled components that can be individually designed for each machine design. In addition to VOSS's own tube coupling systems, solder connections or customer-specific connection types are also available.


  • Zinc-nickel based surface protection VOSS coat is the standard surface
  • Ready-to-install lines
  • ES-4 cutting ring with additional soft seal for long-lasting leak-proofing
  • VOSS non-return valve with flow through optimization, minimized wear and additional soft seal on valve tappet
  • VOSSFlareORFS 90° flare system with high article diversity
  • Individual special articles, such as valves with special opening pressures, throttle screw connections or Y-couplings
  • Corrosion-resistant and high-pressure cleaner tested measuring couplings with additional soft seal element for coupling during system operation.



Brochure ready-to-install hydraulic lines

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Brochure ES-4 / ES-4 VA