The VOSS ES-4 cutting ring

Safety, pressure resistance, durability and cost-effectiveness - the soft-sealing cutting ring ES-4 in particular represents these qualities. Thanks to perfected technology it offers multiple advantages: Through the combination of proven dual cutting technology and additional soft-sealing elements, the product is the perfect solution wherever maximum leak-proofing is required. In the lightweight "L" series, the ES-4 can hold pressure up to 500 bar and in the heavy-duty "S" series up to 800 bar, with four-times the safety factor.

  • Das Bild zeigt die schematische Darstellung ES-4 Schneidringsystem von VOSS Fluid
  • Das Bild zeigt den Schneidring ES-4 von VOSS Fluid

The most important features at a glance

The basis for the ES-4 cutting ring is the proven VOSS tube coupling pursuant to ISO 8434-1.

The primary metallic sealing cutting ring is supplemented by additional soft-seals in the secondary area. This increases the leak-proofing of the connection point.

  • Additional precision sealing thanks to soft seal elements 
  • Soft seal chambering prevents extrusion
  • Prevention of faulty assembly thanks to over-tightening protection
  • Increased safety thanks to the combination of metallic seal and additional soft seal
  • Uniform seal concept throughout the entire system through the usage of additional soft-sealing connection components


In view of their high leak-proofing, the ES-4 cutting rings are an attractive, cost-effective solution in a cost-benefit comparison.

  • No cost-intensive and time-consuming rework
  • Prevention of expensive repair costs and production down times
  • Long-lasting leak-proofing guarantees high product quality (no "sweating effect" on connection points)
  • Flexible system design thanks to large product selection
  • Minimizing expenditure and increasing operational reliability with process-reliable VOSS assembly concepts

Compatible pre-assembly devices

  • Type 90 Comfort
  • Type 90 Basic
  • Type 80N3


Pre-assembly devices


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