Marine and Offshore

Especially in environments that promote corrosion, caused for instance by sea air and salt water, it is extremely important to build on a durable connection. That is why we also offer our coupling systems in an exceptionally robust stainless steel design, and why we effectively protect our components against corrosion with VOSS coat. This way, our customers also profit from the proven advantages of VOSS coupling systems when using stainless steel tubes. Of course, our products have all various applicable ship-building class certifications.

With their high assembly reliability and problem-free repeat installations, our products are the perfect choice for other offshore applications, such as wind farms, diving equipment or platforms. Furthermore, coupling components made from steel impress with their good recoatability.

"Lower deck" product recommendations:

  • ZAKO - Flange system for connecting large diameter tubes with tube outside diameters of up to 114.3 mm 
  • VOSSFormSQR tube forming system in steel design with high-grade VOSS coat corrosion-protection
  • VOSS DKO – taper couplings for reliable connection in the narrowest installation spaces, under the most difficult assembly conditions
  • VOSS 24° tube couplings with extensive range of items and VOSS coat corrosion-protection alloy as a product line standard across the board.

"Upper deck" product recommendations:

  • VOSSFormSQRVA tube forming system in the stainless steel design with additional soft-seal made from durable FKM
  • VOSS ES-4VA cutting ring - with additional soft seal element and process reliable over-tightening protection
  • VOSS 24° tube couplings made from stainless steel, compatible with all VOSS tube coupling systems 


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Brochure ZAKO 

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Brochure ES-4 / ES-4 VA


Brochure VOSS Form SQR / VOSS Form SQR VA