VOSS ZAKO flange couplings

ZAKO flange couplings are based on the 10° flared principle and are available both in the SAE-design as well as the square shape. 

They are designed for application areas with maximum dynamic loads and special safety requirements. For instance, they are used in surface mining or hydraulic presses. The ZAKO system is also distinguished by high cost-effectiveness, because there is no need for welding work.  

The installation of a ZAKO flange coupling is easy and safe to perform: The ZAKO ring is pressed into the tube with a pre-assembly device. It is thereby its own tool and remains in the flanged tube. Process errors caused by tool wear are thereby excluded. The flange coupling can be very easily uninstalled for maintenance or service work.

  • Das Bild zeigt eine ZAKO Flanschverbindung für Hydrauliksyteme von VOSS Fluid

Compatible pre-assembly devices

  • Type 90 Comfort
  • Type 80N3


Pre-assembly devices


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Assembly instruction ZAKO

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Brochure assembly notes

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Brochure ZAKO 


Brochure VOSS assembly devices

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Brochure VOSS coat


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