VOSS V vor Hydrauliksystem

Products & Services

VOSS systems are used in various branches of stationary and mobile hydraulics. We offer an extensive assortment of tube and hose coupling systems - from custom-made single components to pre-made hydraulic lines. Matching components, pre-assembly devices, hydraulic accessories and tools compliment our product portfolio. Our standard VOSS coat zinc-nickel coating protects our products effectively from corrosion.

Tube couplings

We offer a large variety of tube and flange couplings. From tried and tested coupling components to custom special solutions, our products are suited for all hydraulic application areas.

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Tools and Accessories

For optimum handling, we offer a variety of tools, resources and accessories - specially made for the VOSS product line.

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Measuring technology

A colorful variety of measuring technology: VOSS PointDC products for completely leak-proof and reliable measuring, even during system operation.

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Hydraulic valves

VOSS hydraulic valves compliment the broad coupling assortment for simple function sequences in hydraulic control circuits. Upon request, modifications, additional function details or customer-related solutions are also possible.

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Pre-assembly devices

From maintenance to series production: VOSS pre-assembly devices and tools enable process-safe assembly of tube couplings. 

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Ready to install hydraulic lines

We supply custom and pre-made line systems with perfectly calibrated hydraulic components and customized logistics service for all needs.

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Industrial couplings

VOSSLok40 is the superior alternative. Even under the most demanding conditions, the innovative and cost-efficient tube forming solution for the highest level of leak protection and maximum micro-fine sealing. 

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