VOSS V steht in einer Halle vor den dreidimensionalen technischen Zeichnungen von Hydrauliksystemen aus der Land- und Forstwirtschaft.


Hydraulic couplings are used in a large number of different industries. The impeccable quality of individual components is crucial to fault-free operation, and thereby also to the profitability of a unit. Workplace safety also depends considerably on the condition of hydraulic tube connections, for instance in the automotive and gas industry. At VOSS, we know the requirements of the most diverse industries and offer the right, qualitatively high-grade solutions for every application area. Find out everything about our industry experience.

Gas applications

In addition to classic hydraulic systems, VOSS coupling systems and components are also outstanding for use in the area of gas, for instance natural gas service stations, gas vehicles, liquefied petroleum gas systems, or gas transportation.

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Marine & Offshore

Supply vessels must transport enormous loads - regardless of the temperature or weather conditions. A malfunction here not only implies tragic monetary loss but also endangers the safety of the people involved. That is just one of the reasons why we offer our coupling systems in an exceptionally robust stainless steel design, and effectively protect our components from corrosion with VOSS coat - for maximum process reliability.

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Rail technology

Whether in freight transport, passenger transport or any track construction or maintenance applications - hydraulic line runs and coupling components made by VOSS are used in a multitude of applications.

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Agriculture and Forestry

The requirements for hydraulic systems are particularly high in agricultural technology: For impeccable operation on field and meadow, VOSS provides high-grade coupling systems with reliable corrosion-protection with a zinc-nickel base.

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Surface mining

Hydraulic controls must perform precision work in surface and underground mining, machine must function efficiently with operational reliability even under the most cramped conditions. VOSS Fluid supplies a number of robust systems that always guarantee safe system operation.

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With VOSS Automotive at its side, VOSS Fluid specializes in the needs of international automobile manufacturing, and meets the high quality standard requirements. Whether in steering hydraulics, pneumatic brake systems, exhaust cleaning or compressed air supply network - numerous reputable manufacturers of commercial vehicles and buses trust VOSS Fluid with its many years of experience.

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Mobile work machines

Whether excavators, wheel loaders or asphalt milling machines, extinguishing vehicles, street cleaners or snow blowers - over the years, VOSS Fluid has built up a service portfolio for the world of mobile work machines that always offers the optimum solution for a multitude of different applications.

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Machine tools

VOSS Fluid supplies modern tube connection technology and all additional components plus completely pre-assembled, pre-made lines, for machine tools processing centers, production lines and plants. Constructed to be exceptionally leak-proof and functional, for reduced installation spaces and standard assembly parameters.

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Hydraulic presses

The enormous effect of pressure and force as well as the high pace of hydraulic presses require an exceptionally robust, process reliable components: The VOSSFormSQR tube forming system and both VOSS BV-10 and VOSS ZAKO, based on the 10° flaring system, impress with high durability and maximum reliability.

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Low and high pressure connection systems for fuel cell and hydrogen systems

VOSS develops and manufactures ready-to-install lines and connection technology for the transport of hydrogen in a wide variety of future-oriented application areas. In vehicle construction, the focus is on fuel cell systems and the use of hydrogen for combustion engines. In addition, we develop solutions for a wide range of hydrogen applications, including mobile machinery, rail vehicles and ships, as well as electrolysis and refueling systems. 


Specialized retailers

VOSS Fluid works with a large number of qualified distribution partners around the world. These trade relationships, many of which have existed for many years, are a large part of our company's success and act as our extended arm in many countries around the world.

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Other industries and applications

VOSS Fluid products are also used in elevators, crane and lifting technology, forklifts, in conveyor technology, plastic injection molding machines, sluice/power plant and aggregate construction, in transportation technology, aviation and military technology, in mills, chemistry and pharmacy, in medicine and laboratory technology, in the food industry, in wind farms, compressors and pumps, municipal vehicles, in lubricating systems, drive technology or in the paper industry, to just name a few.