Connection systems for hydrogene systems and fuel cells

VOSS develops and manufactures ready-to-install lines and connection technology for the transport of hydrogen in a wide variety of future-oriented application areas. In vehicle construction, the focus is on fuel cell systems and the use of hydrogen for combustion engines. In addition, we develop solutions for a wide range of hydrogen applications, including mobile machinery, rail vehicles and ships, as well as electrolysis and refueling systems. To meet the special requirements such as an extremely low permeation rate and high resistance to pressure and media, we develop system solutions with stainless steel tubes or, in the low-pressure range, with multilayer tubes, corrugated tubes and - for the transport of deionized water in fuel cell systems - electrically heated plastic tubes as well as the optimum connecting elements in accordance with the intended use.


The VOSSLok 40 tube forming system is approved for the safe use of connections to compressed air, natural gas, liquid gas, and hydrogen (H2).

  • Approved by TÜV Rheinland for use in the automotive industry
  • DVGW-certified for gas supply products
  • Absolute Feinstdichtheit gegenüber dem Medium Wasserstoff
  • Highly simple and process reliable pre-assembly and final assembly
  • Compatible with very high system pressures up to 700 bar
  • High ultra-precision sealing thanks to material compaction in the sealing area
  • Reliable repeat assembly
  • Simple and safe torque assembly
  • For metric and imperial tube dimensions
  • Catalog products with great variety of types
  • Fast and more process-reliable forming process