Hydraulic presses

The components in hydraulic presses are always exposed to extreme pressure and force. This includes speed, in addition to resistance towards dynamic loads. So we created the VOSS Form SQR tube forming system and the BV-10 and ZAKO, both based on the 10° flaring system - exceptionally durable and reliable systems. The ZAKO flange system offers the user the desired flexibility in the design of the system, with tube outside diameters from 6 mm to 114.3 mm. In addition to versions complying with the SAE standard, there are also flanges with square hole patterns. The pre-assembly devices developed for ZAKO enable easy and efficient assembly of large tubes directly on site. Welding work is omitted completely in the ZAKO system - with an increased safety factor of the coupling points. The particularly wide tube support of the BV-10 flare system and the VOSS Form SQR tube forming system reliably absorbs vibrations. The special construction design also prevents vibrations from reaching the actual sealing zone and wearing it out. The result is leak-proof connections that are particularly resistant and long-lasting. All VOSS systems, including VOSS hose fittings, also impress with their user-friendliness when it comes to maintenance and service work.


  • VOSS ZAKO flange line for tubes with an outside diameter of up to 114.3 mm.
  • Economically efficient advantages compared to welding connections with an increased safety factor
  • VOSS hose fittings with zinc-nickel corrosion-protection - upon request with integrated tear-out protection
  • VOSSFormSQR tube forming system and BV-10 flaring system with highest resistance against dynamic reversed bending loads and pressure surges
  • VOSS DKO – taper couplings for reliable connection in the narrowest installation spaces, under the most difficult assembly conditions


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Brochure ZAKO 

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Brochure VOSS Form SQR / VOSS Form SQR VA

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