Flange couplings

VOSS flange couplings stand for reliability on a large scale. 
They are primarily used in hydraulic systems with medium and larger dimensions. 

In order to meet the various requirements, VOSS Fluid manufactures high pressure flanges with connections pursuant to SAE or a square connection profile. Our assortment also includes flanges with cutting ring connection as well as the VOSS ZAKO flange system that follows the proven 10° flared principle.

Flange couplings with cutting ring connection

The flange couplings with square flange connector are distinguished by particularly compact outer dimensions. They are available both in a straight and angular version - with SAE hole pattern or square flange connection. The flange seal is provided by an elastic round sealing ring (O-ring), the assembly connection is made by cylinder screws. 

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ZAKO flange couplings

The unique construction is specially designed for tube diameters up to 114.3 mm, and effortlessly withstands even the toughest conditions. The VOSS ZAKO flange line is available with square or standard hole patterns pursuant to SAE in 3000 psi or 6000 psi.

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