Tools and Accessories

Our tools and accessories have been specially developed for individual and series assembly and align perfectly with our complete system - even in the details. We have the right solution for all requirements for safe and cost-effective pre-assembly in original equipment or during maintenance: From thread gage boards and tube bending devices to devices with automatic tool recognition - VOSS has a wide assortment for a tube spectrum of 6 to 114.3 mm.

Pre-assembly studs for cutting rings made of high-performance steel

Normal pre-assembly sockets are subject to wear. Not only does checking the functionality take time, it is also a potential error source and requires a test plan. Our solution: high-strength tools made from high-strength steel. This prevents typical wear, eliminates testing intervals and impresses with extremely high service life. When the application limit is reached, the pre-assembly socket breaks in the front area, whereby a replacement absolutely has to be performed by the operator. In this way, fault-free processes are guaranteed.

Manual pre-assembly studs/pre-assembly studs for cutting rings

Manual pre-assembly studs are excellent for manual individual assembly of cutting rings in a vice. It should always be used when a cutting ring needs to be mounted at a construction site or during a maintenance call. It can be used to create a connection manually without wearing out the actual screw sockets.

Inspections gauges for checking cutting ring assembly

The quality control of cutting ring pre-assembly in series production and in goods receiving is accelerated with the VOSS inspections gage. For this purpose, the tube end is fixated, tightened by hand and then the result is read out. After an additional visual check of material throw-up at the cutting ring, the inspection is concluded. The VOSS inspection gage is ideal for checking the pre-assembly results of cutting ring assemblies from 6 - 42 mm.

Cone gauges for testing the cutting ring pre-assembly tools

The tool for regular testing of the pre-assembly tools. The basic version of VOSS pre-assembly stud for cutting ring assembly are more closely tolerated than normal screw studs, and they are wear-resistant. However, inspections are required here as well: The internal cone of the screw stud must be inspected for trueness to gage size after at least 50 pre-assemblies. VOSS cone gauges are made to match perfectly, either individually or as a complete set for all sizes.

Thread gauge board

These are partially difficult to differentiate due to the high geometric similarity of metric and imperial threads. Some threads can also be screwed into seemingly correct screw-in holes. Since mix-ups of this kind can lead to hazards for both people and the environment, we recommend compliance with the indications from the different norms. The VOSS thread gage board makes identification of metric and imperial screwed plugs easier thereby preventing the risk of a mix-up: The threads can be checked once again before use to ensure that they display the correct shape.

Tube bending device

The VOSS tube bending device is specially designed as a lightweight, mobile handheld device for use on construction sites. It can be used to precisely bend tubes with a tube outside diameter of up to 22 mm.

Sawing device

This sturdy and handy sawing device is particularly suitable for preparing steel or stainless steel tubes quickly for cutting ring assembly. All standard tube sizes with a tube outside diameter of 6-42 mm can be processed with the aid of this device. A guide rail provides a parallel saw cut.

Manual deburrer

The robust manual deburring tool is ideal for inner and outer deburring of steel and stainless steel tubes. The application area ranges from a tube inside diameter and/or outside diameter of 8-35 mm. A large number of specially ground and tempered blades enables fast and easy deburring of tubes, producing a perfect result instantly. The ergonomic shape of the deburrer enables effortless work without exerting great force.



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