Measuring technology

Pressure testing in hydraulic systems is extremely important for smooth and reliable system operation. Today, measuring couplings are a standard in hydraulic systems and are used frequently. VOSSPointDC measuring couplings enable virtually leak-proof coupling and uncoupling of measuring and testing devices or apparatuses for filling or ventilating. For improved identification the sealing cap is marked in color, which guarantees optimum orientation for the user within the hydraulic system.

We redefine safety and handling with the sophisticated design principle behind VOSS measuring couplings. As a standard, the line is coated with the superior VOSS coat zinc-nickel coat.

Colorful variety

Even the details of VOSSPointDC are impressive An integrated plastic element provides fixation that is permanently secure. This prevents the seal cap from loosening during vibrations. Even corrosions or torn-off chains are passé. In the delivery standard the plastic bottle is colored blue, which makes the connection possibilities clearly identifiable for the user inside complex hydraulic systems. Further basic colors or custom coloring for visual differentiation of multiple hydraulic circuits are also possible on request.

  • Das Bild zeigt die verschiedene Ausführungen von hydraulischen Messkupplungen von VOSS Fluid
  • Das Bild zeigt die bunte Vielfalt der VOSS Point DC Messkupplungen von VOSS Fluid
  • Das Bild zeigt den Einsatz von der Kombination aus metallischer und Elautomerdichtungen in Messkupplungen von VOSS Fluid.
  • Das Bild zeigt eine thematische Darstellung der Dichtungen bei einer VOSS Point DC Messkupplung für hydraulische Systeme


For a 100% leak-free seal, we use a combination metallic and elastomer seal on the primary seal. In order to increase leak proofing and minimize wear, the sealing point has been designed in such a way as to prevent unnecessary milling of the O-ring seal when opening and closing the couplings.

VOSS measuring couplings achieve a long-term seal that is up to ten times greater thanks to added support to the O-ring in the secondary seal. The compact structure of VOSSPointDC couplings is designed with a one-piece housing. This prevents additional leakage paths.

Don't leave anything to chance

We performed extensive tests even while developing our new measuring couplings in order to attain an exceptionally application-friendly product design. VOSSPoint DC was put to the test for superior durability, functionality and easy handling. Our most important test criteria were:

  • Static tightness over 160 hours
  • Bursting pressure greater that 4-times the nominal pressure
  • Impulse test to determine the life span (more than 2 million impulses)
  • Coupling test under pressure
  • Flow rate in both directions at 250 bar
  • Resistance to environmental factors (UV-resistance, salt spray test, tension test)
  • IPX9K = Protection against water with high pressure and steam-jet cleaning, especially for road vehicles

Our measuring couplings are also inspected in series production for functional reliability and leak-proofing.


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