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VOSS Fluid

As a leading manufacturer of hydraulic coupling technology and a system supplier of ready-to-install hydraulic lines, here at VOSS Fluid we don't just have an eye on each individual component - we also always see the entire system. Our broad product portfolio includes diverse connection components, tube connection systems, pre-assembly devices as well as various other resources. The focus is always on product quality. Because we know: Every detail counts when it comes to operating hydraulic systems.

We are a quality provider, as well as a development and system partner for our customers. In so doing, we produce custom product solutions with precision technology, while offering an extensive service program, project planning, engineering as well as modern logistics solutions. VOSS Fluid is a specialist for worldwide projects.

VOSS Fluid - unique ideas!

We produce individually manufactured, ready-to-install hydraulic line systems with perfectly calibrated hydraulic components and customized logistics service. We have compiled the extensive services and advantages of VOSS Fluid here.


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VOSS Lok 40 - the innovative, gas-tight connection system.

Designed for leak-proof handling of demanding media, such as hydrogen or natural gas. From the ready-to-install line to the gastight connection component, VOSS off ers with the VOSS Lok 40 system an innovative & economical solution for the drives of tomorrow.

VOSS Lok 40


Our new plug-in system for hydraulic hoses - VOSSPlug.

Do you have cramped installation spaces that do not permit screwing?

Advantages at a glance:
- Quick and easy installation in two steps
- Optimized for limited installation space
- High-pressure capacity
- Tension-free installation
- High level of plug-in protection
- Protection against unintentional loosening