Gas applications

Whether natural gas, compressed air, liquefied gases or applications with hydrogen, VOSS systems reliably satisfy the sophisticated requirements and have the respectively required certificates. Motorists as well as public gas providers and suppliers in these industries, can rely on the confirmed safety of VOSS Fluid products. 

"Gas supply" product recommendations:

  • VOSSRingM cutting ring couplings for connecting steel tubes with a maximum operating pressure of up to 250bar 
  • The VOSSFormSQR tube forming system is particularly resistant against high reversed bending loads
  • VOSS ES-4 cutting ring couplings with additional soft seal and over-tightening protection
  • VOSSDKO – taper couplings for reliable connection in the narrowest installation spaces, under the most difficult assembly conditions
  • VOSS 24° tube connections with extensive range of items and VOSS coat corrosion-protection alloy as a product line standard across the board.

"Vehicle construction" product recommendations:

  • VOSSLok40 for safe application with hydrogen (H2) and compressed natural gas (CNG)

Detailed information about application areas can be found in the respective approval. These can be found in our download area. We are also happy to advise you extensively on the topic of approvals and applications.



Brochure VOSS Lok 40

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Brochure ES-4 / ES-4 VA


Brochure VOSS Form SQR / VOSS Form SQR VA

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Brochure VOSS Ring M


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