The VOSS Ring M cutting ring system

The VOSS Ring Mcutting ring system has all the advantages of the earlier 24° cutting ring system, raising it to a new level of quality and safety.

During its development, the focus was particularly on simple and process-reliable assembly, reliable leak-protection and the usage of extremely durable materials. The result is a cutting ring system that is secure all-round, both in assembly and in usage, made by VOSS.

  • Das Bild zeigt die Schneidringverschraubung VOSS Ring M von VOSS Fluid

The most important features at a glance

  • Highest leak-protection thanks to optimized tube cuts
  • Highest pressure resistance with geometric reinforcements
  • Very good dynamic load-bearing capability thanks to VOSS-specified material
  • Increased process security in assembly thanks to patented end stop concept
  • Reduced work effort thanks to reduced tightening distance
  • Reduced effect of incorrect installation with wear-resistant pre-assembly tools
  • Highest corrosion-protection with VOSS coat – BLACK
  • Das Bild zeigt den Vormontagestutzen für VOSS Ring M Schneidringe von VOSS Fluid

VOSSRing-pre-assembly studs

The innovative VOSSRing-pre-assembly studs provide extra safety – a smart assembly solution that even enables unexperienced personnel to perform precision work, thanks to the patented stop function. When over-tightening is attempted, the torque increases noticeably, which dependably prevents assembly errors and guarantees reliable tube connection. For simple assembly, the final assembly path is reduced from 90° to 30° thanks to the VOSSRing-pre-assembly studs. This reduces assembly time by about half. This advantage is particularly effective under challenging installation conditions, for instance when installing overhead, in unfavorable ergonomic positions, or in very narrow and compact installation spaces.


Compatible pre-assembly devices

  • Type 90 Comfort
  • Type 90 Basic
  • Type 80N3


Pre-assembly devices


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Assembly instruction VOSS Ring M Universal 

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Assembly instruction VOSS Ring M

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Brochure assembly notes

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Brochure VOSS trainings


Brochure VOSS assembly devices

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Brochure VOSS coat

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Brochure VOSS Ring M


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