VOSS hydraulic valves compliment the broad coupling assortment for simple function sequences in hydraulic control circuits. As a manufacturer of hydraulic valves, we provide a large number of design versions, as well as custom modifications, extra functional details or special customer-specific developments. In accordance with VOSS Fluid quality standards, all valves intended for hydraulic control systems are protected against corrosion with VOSS coat surface protection.

Non-return valves

VOSS non-return valves or stop valves are available in a number of versions for diverse applications. For instance, as a plug-in cartridge for block construction, for tube installation or as loose installation sets for use in valves and blocks.

All versions impress with streamlined design and the chambered soft seal on the taper coupling, as well as with hydraulic end position damping. This minimizes sounds, enables low-resistance flow rates and leak-free barriers.

Shuttle valves

VOSS shuttle valves are used as automatic gates in a closed hydraulic circuit. With two lockable inlet openings and an outlet opening, the shuttle valve connects connection A or B with the valve's outlet C, depending on the pending pressurized oil intake. The second side of the valve is locked by the pressurization, via a ball and/or soft-sealing sliding sleeve. The soft-sealing model can also be used in applications that require a pressure holding function.

VOSS shuttle valves are available in two different versions: metallic sealing with ball seat or soft-sealing with sliding sleeve for additional precise tightness.

Cannot be used for pressurized air, gases, and not in combination with weld nipples!

Special valves

One of VOSS's areas of focus in particular is the development of customer-oriented system solutions. VOSS Fluid manufactures customer-specific special valves that range from modifications and extra function details to completely new developments. We provide our customers with numerous custom product solutions.


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