VOSS BV-10 flared couplings

VOSS BV-10 flared couplings really prove their immense operational reliability under high loads, such as pressure surges, vibrations and reverse bending moments.

The hold function is completed with the combination coupling and clamping ring principle. The 10° flared coupling angle prevents over-stretching – especially with higher tube wall thicknesses.

The couplings' seal function is thanks to the flared cone's proven DKO-sealing head. The seal function on the tube connection side is achieved by very high surface pressure and supporting clamping rings in the flared coupling zone.

VOSS BV-10 flared couplings are easy and quick to install and are functionally more reliable and cost-effective than welding couplings.

  • Das Bild zeigt die thematische Darstellung der VOSS BV-10 Bördelverschraubung von VOSS Fluid
  • Das Bild zeigt den Stutzen für die Dichtfuntion der VOSS BV-10 Bördelverschraubung von VOSS Fluid

The most important features at a glance

  • Especially suited for extreme demands
  • Incision-free tube holding thanks to the 10° flared coupling principle
  • Application as a repair solution for defective cutting ring connections
  • Easy assembly, even on thick-walled tubes
  • Minimization of assembly errors
  • Suitable for stainless steel tubing with tolerances pursuant to DIN EN 10305-1
  • Complete coupling assortment in the L and S series

Compatible pre-assembly devices

  • Type 90 Comfort
  • Type 80N3


Pre-assembly devices


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Assembly instruction BV-10

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Brochure assembly notes

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