VOSS Type 90 Basic

Environmentally-independent, reliable, series production of cutting ring pre-assemblies with reproducible results succeed with the easily transportable VOSS 90. The automatic pre-assembly always ensures consistent quality and the assembly parameters in the pre-assembly process can be varied depending on the requirements via adjustable work pressure. Particularly practical: The system-dependent settings are mounted directly on the housing, they are individually adjustable and clearly visible on a large display. And thanks to the count-down counter, the right amount of tubes are pre-assembled - not too many or not enough.

Suitable for pre-assembly of the following systems: 
VOSS Ring M, 2S VA, ES-4, ES-4 VA

VOSS cutting ring pre-assembly device Type 90 Basic


  • Only 66 kg, lightweight
  • Easy operation, counter, easy retooling
  • Short cycle times with intelligent controls
  • Optionally available with foot switch


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Brochure assembly notes

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Brochure ES-4 / ES-4 VA


Brochure VOSS assembly devices

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Brochure VOSS Ring M


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