VOSS Type 80N3

The handy VOSS Type 80 N3 takes on any challenge during maintenance, especially with lots of tubes in difficult to reach places. With its dropped sides, it can be firmly clamped in the vice if needed or directly screwed to the work bench. Tool kits can be easily changed. Together with the printed settings, the pressure gage ensures exact assembly results. VOSS Type 80 N3 is a transportable construction site device for pre-assembly without available power connection.

  • Pressure gage, settings chart
  • New: Removable lever incl. mount for easier transport
  • Mobile device
  • With mounting option

Suitable for pre-assembly of the following systems:
VOSS Ring M, 2S VA, ES-4, ES-4 VA , BV-10, ZAKO


PDF2.07 MB

Brochure assembly notes

PDF3.32 MB

Brochure ES-4 / ES-4 VA


Brochure VOSS assembly devices

PDF4.54 MB

Brochure VOSS Ring M


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