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At the VOSS Fluid online webinars we provide you with expert knowledge and practical know-how from our experienced application specialists.

We carry over the high quality demands we have on our products to our service portfolio.
Because the safety of a hydraulic connection is only as good as the trained personnel who decide on the intended use and install it.

This is where VOSS Fluid closes the gap to teach beginners as well as experienced fitters how to carry out leak-proof and efficient installation. The webinars also offer decision-makers individual assistance in selecting the right connection system and illustrating possible cost-cutting potential in their own production.
From the basics of fastening technology through handling to system selection to match the function.
We qualify your employees and provide valuable practical tips.

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Our webinars

Safe cutting ring installation according DIN 3859-2

For employees from the fields of assembly, maintenance, service and industrial engineering

What you can expect:

  • Correct tube preparation
  • Direct assembly in the screw socket
  • Pre-assembly in the hardened pre-assembly socket
  • Process-reliable manufacturing and repeat assembly
  • The correct use of pre-assembly sockets, sources of faults, wear and testing
  • Avoidance of incorrect assembly: causes, consequences and prevention

approx. 45 minutes

Taper couplings (DKO)

For employees from the fields of assembly, maintenance, service and industrial engineering

What you can expect:

  • The important features and differences
  • A comparison between adjustable coupling systems 24-SWOL/24-SWL (EL/EVL) and hose fittings
  • The correct assembly behavior
  • The necessary assembly strategies and specifications
  • Avoidance of errors and identification of causes

Next date:
02 May, 2022
11 o'clock a.m.

approx. 45 minutes

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Our experts as your personal trainers

BV-10 repair solutions

In 5 minutes we will show you how to replace leaking cutting rings without having to replace the entire tube.


In 5 minutes we will show you when a combination of steel and stainless steel components can be useful and what needs to be considered.

The VOSS training program

Training courses, practical training and audits

We teach all the basics of connection technology in comprehensive theoretical and practical training courses. Additional assembly audits by our application engineers assess the assembly processes directly on your premises.

The high quality demands on our products, which are typical of VOSS Fluid, are reflected in our entire range of services. As a system partner for hydraulic systems, our comprehensive service portfolio is specifically designed to uncover potential savings for users and to initiate optimization processes.

If you would like one of our training courses as a webinar, please contact us and we will take care of your request.