VOSS Flare 110

Beading at 90 degrees places a great strain on the material. That is why we use the material-friendly and time-saving tumbling procedure in the fully automatic VOSS Flare 110: The tool makes a wobbling movement during which the tube end is precisely beaded against the supporting sleeve with minimum force. That means the tube’s steel retains its uninterrupted run of fibers and thus its strength as well. The gentle forming leaves no processing marks behind, which has a positive effect on surface quality of the sealing surface. For cost effective series manufacturing, VOSS Flare 110 is ideal not only because of the quality and speed but also because operator errors are prevented by the interior limit stop in the tool. VOSS Flare 110 stands for simplicity, precision and safety - especially for the most narrow tube bends and shortest clamping lengths.

  • Fully automatic beading at 90 degrees in the tumbling procedure
  • Excellent surface quality
  • Limit stop inside the tool prevents faulty assembly
  • Touch panel, intuitive menu navigation



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