Hose fittings

Hydraulic systems are only as efficient as each individual component. That is why VOSS Fluid places the highest demands on the quality of its hose fittings. With regard to leak and installation proofing as well as versatility and durability. The synergy between VOSS Fluid hose fittings and other VOSS coupling systems guarantees the right fit for any application.

The product range

VOSS hose fittings impress with:

  • Precision-engineered solutions made from decades of expertise and know-how
  • Transfer of experience values from tube couplings to hose fittings
  • Perfect alignment between fittings and couplings
  • Highest leak-proofing thanks to standardization of system components
  • Efficient installation reliability thanks to consistent installation criteria
  • Standard durability thanks to maximum corrosion-protection with a zinc-nickel base
  • Versatility with multi-variant product solutions
  • Permanent product availability thanks to a global network of authorized dealers
  • Logistics and purchasing advantages because everything comes from a single source, including services for all product groups
  • Consulting and application competence with consideration of the entire system for the perfect solution

Product details

VOSS hose fittings comply with all international standards, and are distinguished by the high compatibility level of the connection types. Our experience values from the existing VOSS product range also goes into the design of VOSS hose fittings. We have, for instance, transferred the VOSS DKO principle with over-tightening protection to our hose fittings, which makes repeat installations possible without any problems and reduces assembly errors.
Our product line is distinguished by reliable stability and maximum leak-proofing even under large loads, temperature fluctuations and vibrations.

Advantages of DKO hose fittings

  • Permanent stability thanks to metallic taper coupling on the fitting body and additional soft seal.
  • Reliable over-tightening protection
  • Reduced work effort thanks to reduced tightening distances and tightening forces
  • Maximum tightness thanks to embedded FKM O-ring (standard)
  • Improved leak-proofing and precision seal
  • Higher pressure resistance and functional reliability, even under extreme operating conditions
  • Easy, fast and reliable installation
  • Repeat installations can be performed frequently without any issues

Hose connections

Our extensive assortment of hose fittings is combined with a large number of hydraulic hoses from various manufacturers. <br/> We also offer solutions for the three current connecting methods: Skive, No Skive and Double Skive. These are differentiated by skiving of the elastomer in the pressing zone and they also exhibit various application-specific strengths - for instance with regard to tear-out protection.


The top-most outer layer of the hose material is worn out accurately. The nipple and frame structurally create a form-fitting unit. The hose's wire insert lays against the frame without stress.
The advantage during this is the strong frictional connection between the hose and the fitting and the associated high pressure resistance and impermeability. The procedure is mainly used in the high-pressure range.

No skive

Here the elastomer of the hose remains non-skived. Instead, the fitting and the bushing are slid and pressed over the hose. The advantages are easy, fast and the assembly is clean. Due to the comparatively low interactive forces between the hose material and the fitting, the technology is used more for systems with low pressure loads.

Double Skive

In addition to the outer layer, a defined, shorter part of the inner layer of hose material is skived down. This way an exceptionally strong form fit is achieved in the fitting area. At the same time, the elastomer is exposed to lower loads. The advantage of this technology is the continuously improved tear-protection. It is commonly used in demanding applications and high-pressure areas.


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