The VOSS 2SVA cutting ring coupling

The 2SVA cutting ring is distinguished by high functional stability and the practice-oriented assembly behavior for applications in stainless steel. With the typical 2SVA cutting ring spring effect the pre-load forces are permanently maintained for the connection.

Optimum cut of both cutting edges:  With its first edge, the 2SVA cutting ring produces the material raise-up for the tube holding. The second edge optimizes the entire function and ensures additional safety along the entire cone thanks to even force distribution.

  • Das Bild zeigt den Schneidig 2S VA von VOSS Fluid für eine sichere Anbindung an Rohrleitungen aus Edelstahl

Matching components

Compatible pre-assembly devices

  • Type 90 Comfort
  • Type 90 Basic
  • Type 80N3


Pre-assembly devices


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Assembly instruction 2S VA

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Brochure VOSS assembly devices

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